Test::Vector Class Reference

#include <TestVectors.hpp>

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Detailed Description

Implement testing vectors of code (called Unit tests) Typical usage is like:.

            Test::Vector xVector;
            AStructureWithBoolMethods xTest;
            xVector.addUnitToTest(Test::MakeLineDelimiter("Name of your test group here"));
            xVector.addUnitToTest(Test::MakeUnitTest(MakeTestName( "The unit to test" ), xTest, &AStructureWithBoolMethods::firstBoolMethod, someArgHere, ByRef(SomeArgsThatShouldBePassedByReference)));
            String results;
            // If you need to continue testing
            // Else you can directly call this
            OutputToConsole(xVector.testAllVectors(results)); // results is optional here

Public Member Functions

bool addUnitToTest (Unit *unit)
 Add a vector to the test.
String testAllVectors (const String &previousResults="")
 Test all vectors.
StringtestLastInsertedVectors (String &result)
 Test last inserted vectors (but doesn't print any statistics).
 Vector ()

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

Test::Vector::Vector (  )  [inline]

Member Function Documentation

bool Test::Vector::addUnitToTest ( Unit unit  )  [inline]

Add a vector to the test.

String Test::Vector::testAllVectors ( const String previousResults = ""  )  [inline]

Test all vectors.

String& Test::Vector::testLastInsertedVectors ( String result  )  [inline]

Test last inserted vectors (but doesn't print any statistics).

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