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HTML 4.0 Element list is templated below.


class  BuildRadix
 This class build a radix mask for the given string. More...
struct  CharsetASCII
struct  CharsetFunctions
 This structure holds pointers to functions providing parsing helper functions. More...
struct  Escape
 Escape HTML entities, trim new line and space if required The entity list has been extracted from More...
struct  GenericAttribute
struct  GenericElement
class  Parser
 The parser class Instantiate it like this:. More...


namespace  Attributes
namespace  Elements
 This namespace is used to declare HTML elements.
namespace  Renderer
 The renderer namespace hold all the required object for rendering a DOM document.


typedef Tree::NTree< const
DOM::Node * > 
 The DOM Tree.


enum  DTDType { StandardDTD = 0, LooseDTD = 1, FramesetDTD = 2 }


HTML::Elements::ElementasHTMLElement (const DOMTree::Node *node)
 Helper function.
long atol (const char *str)
int firstValidChar (const tchar *input, const int length)
static const CharsetASCIIgetASCIICharsetFunctions ()
 Get a constant reference to the charset functions for ASCII.
const CharsetFunctionsgetDefaultCharsetFunctions ()
 Get a constant reference to the charset functions for ASCII.
bool isSpaceChar (const tchar ch)
int lastValidChar (const tchar *input, const int length)
bool validTrimChar (const tchar ch)


const GenericAttribute allowedAttributes []
const GenericElement allowedElements []
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Typedef Documentation

typedef Tree::NTree<const DOM::Node *> HTML::DOMTree

The DOM Tree.

Enumeration Type Documentation

enum HTML::DTDType


Function Documentation

HTML::Elements::Element* HTML::asHTMLElement ( const DOMTree::Node *  node  )  [inline]

Helper function.

long HTML::atol ( const char *  str  ) 

int HTML::firstValidChar ( const tchar *  input,
const int  length 
) [inline]

static const CharsetASCII& HTML::getASCIICharsetFunctions (  )  [static]

Get a constant reference to the charset functions for ASCII.

const CharsetFunctions & HTML::getDefaultCharsetFunctions (  ) 

Get a constant reference to the charset functions for ASCII.

bool HTML::isSpaceChar ( const tchar  ch  )  [inline]

int HTML::lastValidChar ( const tchar *  input,
const int  length 
) [inline]

bool HTML::validTrimChar ( const tchar  ch  )  [inline]

check this is valid code

Variable Documentation

const GenericAttribute HTML::allowedAttributes[]

const GenericElement HTML::allowedElements[]

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