Tree::AVL Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

AVL implementation is here.


struct  AllNodes
 Valid for all nodes. More...
struct  ArrayDeletion
 Array deletion with []. More...
struct  invSelectBalance
struct  invSelectBalance< false >
class  Iterator
 This iterator is a facility to avoid recursive algorithm. More...
struct  Node
struct  NoDeletion
 Default deletion for node's objects. More...
struct  PointerDeletion
 Pointer deletion with delete(). More...
struct  selectBalance
 Useful template functions for selecting the correct balance at compile time. More...
struct  selectBalance< false >
class  Tree
 The Tree class with a compare policy. More...


typedef Bool2Type< true > LeftSide
 It is easier to set up a convention.
typedef Bool2Type< false > RightSide

Typedef Documentation

typedef Bool2Type<true> Tree::AVL::LeftSide

It is easier to set up a convention.

typedef Bool2Type<false> Tree::AVL::RightSide

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