UZI::URISplitting Namespace Reference

Detailed Description

Use Attribute validation to parse URI


bool _isIn (const tchar *array, const unsigned int len, tchar ch)
bool isHex (const tchar a)
bool splitURI (const tchar *input, const int length, juce::String &protocol, juce::String &server, juce::String &pathToResource, juce::String &query, juce::String &fragment)

Function Documentation

bool UZI::URISplitting::_isIn ( const tchar *  array,
const unsigned int  len,
tchar  ch 
) [inline]

bool UZI::URISplitting::isHex ( const tchar  a  )  [inline]

bool UZI::URISplitting::splitURI ( const tchar *  input,
const int  length,
juce::String &  protocol,
juce::String &  server,
juce::String &  pathToResource,
juce::String &  query,
juce::String &  fragment 

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